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Pia Raymond Hargrove,


Activist|Speaker| Educator

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Meet PiaProfessor Pia
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Meet Pia 

Activist | Speaker | Educator

Welcome to Professor Pia.

I am Pia Raymond Hargrove and I am honored that you are choosing to stop by.

I’m 5th generation Brooklyn-born and raised with Carolina, African, and Indigenous roots.  My family settled in New York City seeking equitable access to wealth, education, and opportunity.  They taught me to always give my best, stand up for what I believe in, share in community, and to always remember where I came from.

I am grateful to serve as a woman who is a community cultivator, political activist, licensed social worker, professor, and Mom.  Whether connecting families through my non-profit organization, Creating Legacies, or fighting to dismantle systemic oppression through my political activism I am committed to engaging, educating, and equipping people to exercise the greatness within.  My passion for rendering trauma informed care and teaching through an anti-oppressive lens ignites the work that I do every day in this human experience.

During this unprecedented season, we have been socially isolated and have experienced profound loss.  These past 2 years, marked by racial reckoning, COVID-19, and environmental degradation has challenged us to go inside of ourselves and fan the flames of our own resistance and resilience.  Amid the woes of our world, we yet rise above the chaos and emerge as overcomers.  

Despite the 6ft between us, the online platforms can bring us closer than ever.  For the first time in my life, I have, “zoomed,” with friends, colleagues, and thought leaders around the globe about issues near and dear to my heart.  From mental health, healing from racial trauma, restorative justice, self-care, political agency, children’s literature, and more, I have connected with others invested in this shared struggle and we have begun the process of restoration and look forward to flourishing together.

I dedicated some time to revisiting my roots, embodying the spirit of Sankofa….


Please join me on the journey.


Yours in service,

Pia Raymond Hargrove, LMSW

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